Soshite Boku wa Koi wo Shiru

Alt title: And Then I Know Love

Vol: 3+; Ch: 12+
2018 - ?
4.106 out of 5 from 217 votes
Rank #7,759
Soshite Boku wa Koi wo Shiru

After losing his life as a soccer player to an accident, Hinata Shogo works at a patisserie run by his benefactor and long-time crush, Hanagiri Akira. Unable to convey his feelings, he thinks that being by the side of calm and gentle Akira is enough -- until one day, he witnesses Akira fighting on the streets in the middle of the night like a completely different person. After his true character is revealed, Akira attempts to avoid Shogo.

Source: Kadokawa

Content Warning

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