Soryanaize Darling

Alt title: It's Not Like That, Darling

Vol: 3; Ch: 14
2004 - 2005
3.613 out of 5 from 650 votes
Rank #23,719
Soryanaize Darling

Twenty-year-old Maiko Ninomiya has just returned to university after being held back a year; she rescued a dog from being hit by a car and was struck herself, missing half a year of school in the process. She's been having strange, erotic dreams about an unknown man since the incident - that is, until she meets the man in real life! His name is Yukiya Nagase, and he's the new literature professor at school. Maiko soon discovers that the woman he loved, Haruka, gave her blood during the accident and later died, leaving behind Yukiya and a young son. As she carries Haruka's blood inside her, Maiko feels and remembers some of the same things as her benefactor, and now Yukiya wants Maiko for his own as a way of communicating to Haruka. Together, the three begin to live together and their feelings deepen. But does Yukiya see Maiko as more than just a memory of Haruka?

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