Sore ga Seiyuu!

Alt title: That Is Voice Actor!

Vol: 5; Ch: 46
2011 - 2017
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Sore ga Seiyuu!

Three young anime voice actresses: Ichinose Futaba, Moesaki Ichigo and Kohana Rin, describing their everyday life in the Japanese anime voice acting industry.

Source: MU

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This is my first manga review, and I begin with a problem.  Is manga the inspiration for the anime, or is anime the fullest expression of the manga? I thoroughly enjoyed the anime of Sore ga Seiyuu! but found much lacking in the manga.  The artistry is compelling enough, though I am still learning how to follow the flow of story from panel to panel.  But either the anime created more characters or the manga did not develop the plot line completely.  The manga does not have the Earphone concert, but left it with only twelve of the 500 seats sold.  Rin's friend Soya is absent.  Ichinose's phobia for the microphone is never presented, nor, for that matter, her struggle on how best to utter that epic "PEPO!!!!"  The episode where the three girls meet at the same studio for different reasons (Ichinose to character voice a zombie movie, Moesaki to dictate directions, Rin to voice a character in a video game) ... gone.  this was the most disappointing aspect of the manga.  Reading it after watching the anime makes the manga seem abridged.  However, the experience of one of my first manga reads ... priceless. The anime did its best to wind up the plot.  The manga left it stop in mid-career, with no feel of resolution.  I loved the anime seiyu; I wondered about the manga version.  The art was well drawn, though no attempt to translate the Japanese sound words (stuff like zap! pow! wowie!) kept me confused.  I noticed this consideration for details in other manga.  Wished to see it here. For me, it just might be a case of getting used to the media of manga.  A great story which got a little short shrift.  Bummer!

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