Sora & Haena

Alt title: Sora Haena!

Ch: 89
2020 - 2023
4.173 out of 5 from 706 votes
Rank #1,127
Sora & Haena

"Please help me get a boyfriend!!" "Okay, but in return, you have to get me into college~" Sora is the top student at the prestigious Jaeil All-Girls High School but she suddenly finds herself lying to her classmates about a boyfriend she doesn't have, which leads her to accepting the near-impossible task of getting the delinquent Haena Woo into college. But in return, Haena will have to find Mr. Right for Sora so she doesn't get caught in her lie. Yet strangely, instead of some boy, Sora finds her heart beating for Haena...

Source: Copin Comics

Includes 38 side story chapters.

Content Warning

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I didn’t like it. It started out fine, but devolved further and further until finishing it became a complete chore. Art: art is fine. The character designs are actually the reason I read this in the first place The characters: ok the real bone I have to pick is with the main character, Sora. she started out sympathetic but the longer the story went the more I disliked her. She’s supposed to be smart- one of the top students in her area- but she never, ever, displays this. she's just ditsy and led around by her feelings and other than her suposed test scores, there's no indication she's not below average intelligence. she never has a chance to be smart or bookish in the plot other than wave her tests with 100s around like it negates every dumbass thing she's done How on earth did she go from having zero friends due to her social ineptitude to having 2 ride or die ones, a girl friend, and a model who’s head over heels for her without changing a single aspect of her personality? She bemoans having no one because of the way she is, but gathers people with no effort. All she does is flop around, meet people awkwardly for coffee, have weird relationships with her teachers, be a people pleaser, and have zero personality  Plot: there is no plot. Its just 50 chapters of a chemistry-less pair trying to get their shit together while I got increasingly frusterated with them. it's not even dumb teens beign dumb teens, it's painfully contrived.  And lastly: it's boring. Oh god, it’s just so boring. So, so little happens, and the drama that does happen is either so quick it's basically useless and just a twist for the end or is so inconsequential that barely anything changes 

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