Sono Mono. Nochi ni... (Shinichirou NARIIE)

Vol: 6+; Ch: 30+
2018 - ?
3.9 out of 5 from 705 votes
Rank #7,501
Sono Mono. Nochi ni... (Shinichirou NARIIE)

Wazu was an ordinary townsman who shut himself off in the “mountain” because of an unfortunate course of events. After 2 years, he decided to come down from the mountain to meet with people. But there were various misunderstanding about the “mountain” which he shut himself off in. And then he repeatedly had encounters with people. And after that. . .

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Wazu is super strong. Fe doesn't know what to do with feir strength, so Ragnirr (the dragon king) suggests that fe go out on a quest to build a harem. The first member of Wazu's harem is the cute baby dragon, Mear. And currently, that's the only official member of feir harem. There are some other women around feir orbit, including two who have expressed interest in fem--Salona the elf and Tata the courtesan. Technically, Sienna the child elf also expressed interest in fem, but it didn't feel like the author had any intention of including Sienna in the harem. The storyline involves Wazu using feir overwhelming strength to almost instantly overcome problems. Fe has the blessings of goddesses, and the goddesses speak to fem through feir guild card, most notably in having feir stats be expressed in words rather than numbers. Feir stats: HP: Can you even die. I wonder? STR: One punch to destroy a planet. VIT: I doubt even the Divine Blade can cut you. MND: Magic? Can that stuff even hurt you? AGI: Probably even faster than the speed of light. I think... DEX: Pretty much equal to the Greatest Artists in history, or maybe even better? RACE: Human (Purity: 78%) One of Wazu's biggest worries is feir purity as a human decreasing. And fe also doesn't seem invested in increasing feir strength, or even in having a lot of strength. I get the impression that Shiro, the shady merchant, will be a long-term villain, working behind the scenes to cause problems for Wazu. Feir motives are unclear. [Reviewed at chapter 13]

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