Something About Us

Alt title: Our Relationship Is...

Vol: 5; Ch: 99
2014 - 2016
4.471 out of 5 from 651 votes
Rank #288
Something About Us

They consider themselves the best of friends. Others seem to think otherwise. There's something about their relationship that's hard to describe. What will become of these two "friends".

Source: Lezhin

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Misakichannn's avatar
Misakichannn Feb 27, 2019
Score 10/10

Read this... you will not be sorry! I laughed out loud, cried, and enjoyed the hell out of this webtoon. Read it!!! read more

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andreichekov Mar 26, 2017
Score 7/10

Really enjoyable romance manga. The incredible is that it suffers from Kimi syndrome. You don't need a bazillion chapters for a romance story.  So basically you have Wilkin and pig, and they are best friends. Tons of sweet moments, and some tsundere. Also great jokes. "You're so stubborn.... ...are you a cabbage?"  The story kind of reminds me of tomochanwa onanoko(or however you spell... read more



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