Someone Else's BL Comic

Ch: 121
2016 - 2019
4.229 out of 5 from 351 votes
Rank #2,563
Someone Else's BL Comic

Seunghee may seem like a regular high school boy, but he’s got a few secrets: he loves to cross-dress and read BL comics. He’s looking for a match that will accept him, but it’s classmate Seungtaek who spies him on a date gone bad. Now that someone at school knows he’s gay, can Seunghee’s life remain ordinary the way he likes it? 

Source: TappyToon

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NO SPOILER* Someone else's BL, the description for this bl was very misleading. After I have read the whole thing it was nothing like I have imagined it would be like, so unexpectedly "GOOD".  The story is very long and kind of complicated... You won't know what happened until you reach the last chapters to get the full understanding of the whole big story. But that doesn't mean it would be easy to give up on keep reading and get bored in the midway. The way the story evolves gradually, things will start to make sense as you keep reading. One intresting thing when reading this was that the same story is told from different prespectives and along the way there are new relationship developments, character developments and so on. The development of the characters' relationships was well illustrated. Overall, the story was like you being told the same story from different prespectives of characters which builds up a whole story, which was very intresting, like you are slowly bringing the small pieces of puzzle into one picture.  Mentioning about the characters, they were relatively realistic, you can definitely notice some major character developments. As well as their relationships, complex.  Now the good part: very romantic. This is a "lovey dovey couple(s)' story". That's the best phrase to summarize, I guess(?), with some complicated story that brings them together.  I would recommend this to anyone who have time to read it in one-go. Once started you won't be able to stop! 

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