Someday I'll Fall for You

Alt title: Itsuka Koi ni Naru Made

Vol: 2; Ch: 10
2017 - 2019
4.127 out of 5 from 842 votes
Rank #1,599
Someday I'll Fall for You

Chiaki and Kazuma have been brought up like brothers, but as they get older, their relationship starts to change. One night, when Chiaki's staying over, Kazuma is woken by strange sounds coming from the futon next to him, only to find Chiaki touching himself... Kazuma offers to help him out, and his touch confuses but excites Chiaki. As they touch one another, Kazuma sees a look on Chiaki's face he's never seen before... After they come down from their high, Chiaki avoids Kazuma's gaze because he doesn't want Kazuma to see how flushed he is, and also because he's finally realized his true feelings for his friend. Following on from that day, the two of them touch each other like it's some kind of game...

Source: Renta!

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The first few chapters are pretty cute and do a good job of showing their relationship dynamic--the casual handjobs and Chiaki's unreciprocated love--and how that all shifts once Chiaki confesses and Kazuma has to contemplate what kind of relationship fe wants with Chiaki. The outcome is obvious, but it's still a cute story. But from chapter six onward, the majority of what goes on is just plain boring. It's primarily sex scenes and only half-heartedly has them grapple with coming out to their parents. And, on the topic of sex scenes, why does it seem like every BL story has characters researching how to have gay sex? In this story in particular, it felt super awkward since Chiaki and Kazuma had already been experimenting with manually pleasuring each other literally for years (without the need to reference porn to learn how to do so), so why all of a sudden does sexual exploration need to be researched first? With that porn-research moment, it felt less like they were doing what came naturally (what felt good) and instead just trying to achieve certain sexual milestones or something. The sex scenes after that felt much more carnally spontaneous, though, which is nice...though there's probably an unnecessary number of said sex scenes. There is cuteness within, but there's also a lot of dull moments and fluff and it basically just turns into smut. There wasn't enough exploration of the tangential friendships or the other aspects of their lives and instead (the latter half of) the story focused on portraying their horniness. Which, I mean, is fine, I guess. People are horny. Especially teenagers. But that doesn't mean horniness is the most engaging of storylines. Like, here's an example of weird storytelling choices--instead of showing the moment when the two of them came out to their parents (a potentially emotional and cathartic moment if there ever was one), instead that scene is left off-camera and implicit.

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