Somari and the Guardian of the Forest

Alt title: Somali to Mori no Kami-sama

Vol: 6+; Ch: 37+
2015 - ?
4.28 out of 5 from 241 votes
Rank #1,577
Somari and the Guardian of the Forest

In a world where the ruined human species has been driven almost to extinction by the monsters that now dominate the land, a forest golem is surprised to find a human child sitting alone in the woods - dirty, barefoot, and in chains. The golem takes little Somali under his protection and the two begin a journey together, traveling through beautiful and dangerous lands where the small girl's humanity must be kept hidden for her own safety. The golem hopes to find Somali's parents alive somewhere, but the chances of this are slim; and besides, as far as Somali is concerned, she has already found herself a beloved father.

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