Solitary Lady

Alt title: Untouchable Lady

Ch: 124+
2021 - ?
4.16 out of 5 from 2,942 votes
Rank #1,209
Solitary Lady

Noblewoman Hillis Inoaden has had many lives so far (seven, to be exact) but she has always been regarded the same in all of them: meek, submissive, and a pest. But in her eighth resurrection, she no longer bends to the nobles that encircle her, nor does she continue to live in the shadows of her wicked brother and stepsister. With a sacred power passed down from her lineage and the title of Family Head, she sets out for revenge and to change the grave destiny that awaits her.

Source: Tapas

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Really... 7 regressions... it took her living 7 times to realize her family is nothing but a garbage can? Even being generous and the MC being exceedingly thick headed, one for the father's betrayal, one for the brother's, that should be all she needs, 3 if I don't know, she was completely oblivious on the first (which after reading about her 1st life, one should have sufficed), but 7?!?... Either way, be it 1, 2 or 7, the intro takes just 1-2ch as it often does, oh, but so much flashback material...Well, getting that out of the way, this is another copy paste, a ridiculous family that mistreats the MC in extreme and unnecessary ways, a completely dysfunctional upbringing, there to portray how pitiful and clueless the MC was and to give a wealth of revenge reasons to several characters, thus satisfying that urge one gets when reading about a douchebag and wanting to see him pay... cliché but still, it works and it's satisfying as long as it's well done. The focus of the story (so far at least, pretty early in still) is how cool, stoic, apathetic and overbearing the FL is with some court intrigue and the "fishes", of course. Still, she is a good char, her personality change is a mess, but it's somewhat validated, I won't spoil it but apathy and being "out of patience" are the key, the author does a better job at justifying her flip in personality than most similar series. Oh, ML is decent so far, a rare sight.In short, the MC is enough to carry the series, for a while at least, but whether it's a good manhwa or not will depend on where the story goes from the current point (ch29). It may turn out great with both an engaging story or disappointing with a story that isn't on par with it's characters (as it often happens), time will tell. Edit (ch39): The MC is still fun to read and the story starts to move forward a little, there's a bit of political play between the houses but the cool MC is still what drives the manhwa for me. I'd say that so far it's an enjoyable read, with a cool MC and that's mostly well written. Have hopes for this one. 6.5->7

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