Vol: 2; Ch: 29
2005 - 2006
4.373 out of 5 from 1,273 votes
Rank #1,076

20-something Meiko Otani is restless, living day to day with a job she hates and an unemployed boyfriend who'd rather be playing in a band. Like others her age, she struggles to find her place in the world and a purpose in life, so in an attempt to make a fresh start, she makes the decision to quit her job. Together with her friends, Meiko will embark on a journey of self discovery to find what will truly make her happy. 

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Honestly man, the Meiko character relates to any of us when we graduate from college directly going into the big bad world. We always tend to ask ourselves a series of questions such as "what company will accept me? if I put myself out there?", "where do I see myself in 5 years time?", or "Do I see myself being in a similar career position to what I studied in college/university? ". I felt Asano did a pretty good job at seeing what goes through young people's minds when it comes to knowing how to look after themselves in later life. It's always a huge step to go out into the world of work and leaving your parents home for the first time. Anyways let's get into talking more about the manga shall we? Lol I really felt the Meiko character was pretty mature with how things go for her. She doesn't seem to be the type of person who stays in the same workplace, she's more of a social butterfly and knows herself on how she feels about things when going forward with her life. I think her and Naruo did the right thing to separate because they just seemed two different people who had their own way of living. That can happen and I really applaud realism in this man! I also liked in this manga is that one of the side character's Kotani said to Meiko after they split up " - <i> No matter how well you get along together, sometimes the smallest of cracks turn into a lethal abyss in time."</i> So friggin true man, just because you got along together while in a relationship, it doesn't mean it's 100% . I could be wrong from my guess here but that's how I personally felt from what Kotani said to Meiko. I highly recommend this to anyone going through life struggles, as well as worrying about the future! It's again, definitely relatable to any of us in what go through with of course, going through life itself!


Solanin. The manga that manages to ecapsulate the feelings of uneassiness that comes with settling down into adulthood. Filled with great symbolism, deep and extremely relatable themes, as well as charming characters Solanin makes way for a great short read. I enjoyed it a good bit but I can't overlook the massive potential it had as a longer manga. If the cast, events, and overall story would have been fleshed out maybe, at least 60 chapters, it would have been way better. The cut and go pacing of this manga made it hard for me to comprehend certain events and see them as impactful as it was trying to present itself as. Though the meaningful as well as clever symbolism made up for some of this, I still feel the same way. All of the characters except for Meiko and Taneda fell flat in terms of dimension. Not until the very end did I really click with the cast as a whole too. They did come off charming and likable but they felt a little shallow. Even though the art, symbolism, and themes definetely carried this story in retrospect I still think it's good because of the realistic presentation of these very themes, despite how fragmented and rushed it may be. I understand most of the problems I have with this manga is because of the length of it but imagine how much better it would have been if it was longer. Overall I still enjoyed Solanin and many people really like it because it's painfully relatable to life so I sort of understand the high scores despite disagreeing with them. If you're looking for a bitter sweet slice of slife story with a great deptiction of overcoming the weight of reality and bearing with it then Solanin is for you. 

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