Vol: 2; Ch: 13
2007 - 2008
3.521 out of 5 from 93 votes
Rank #28,640

Morimiya Yorito is a normal student who has an abnormal obsession for the sky. One day, he meets a strange girl named Shihou Matsuri who shares his interest, but as fate may have it, she isn't a human; Matsuri is a Yaka -- a "woe of the night" -- who is immortal and cannot stand the sunlight. A strange man is chasing Matsuri, to use her powers, so Yorito decides to help her hide. What are the strange man's plans, and what secrets does Yorito's sister hide?

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Sola" was one of those mangas that first attracted me by the beauty of the cover art. Many a year ago I was about 13 when this manga first came out. I was short, nerdy kid who felt they needed to own every manga in the world. And seeing a manga that "OH MY GOD I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!" was the highlight of my existence. Art: Sola shows us right away that a redeeming quality of this story is going to be the art, and which convinced me to buy the manga in the first place. The art is gorgeous, especially the clothing design of the characters. I know for creation that if I ever saw those gorgeous frocks I would be in first in line to buy them. But on another note, The artist, Chako Abeno, did an excellent job of portraying the feelings of her characters through her art. Never once throughout this story did you have to guess of what the feelings of the characters were supposed to be, it just was. Try looking at one glance of the scenery in this book and not wishing you could pack your bags and head to the setting of this book. It is simply gorgous. Characters: One major compliant about this whole manga is the most interesting character we barely learn anything about. Aono struck me as a fascinating character, but yet instead all we get to hear about is Yorito, the average boy who meets Matsuri, the super human girl. Once again this is one of those manga's that commits that ever so common mistake of bad characterization. I couldn't tell you one thing I learned about the personality from each of these characters because they were all as flat and boring as a piece of paper. Bad characters are one that are there to just add flow to the story, good characters are those that you care about and do more than just flow the story. Those characters didn't exist in this story  Story: Here is where we start to get iffy. Sola, like many other books and novels out there, starts off with a fantastic idea gone in the wrong direction. By the summary of the book, you get the impression that this is going to be a completely orginal action-packed story. But however what you get is the base of the idea written so poorly that it is as if the author just sat down and wrote this manga on a whim. This could of been a good story, no, this could of been a great story. But instead what we get is a rough draft of an idea filled with small side stories. The main problem that was introduced in the first volume seems to be completely forgotten about at some point and instead begins to focus on Matsuri shopping for clothes. And walking around in a towel in Yorito's home. The manga begins to overflow with so many manga clichés that at some point it just becomes unbearable. I would of done away with the "average boy meets super human, super "sexy" girl plot and instead focus on Matsuri's story. I could of done without Yorito completely.  Overall: Sola is good for owning if you want to look at breath taking art. However what could of been a good story went off in the wrong direction. Not worth owning but maybe reading online if you’re curious.

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