So I'm a Spider, So What?

Alt title: Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?


Best Females Travelling to Another Universe Part 1by Jxnny1Mc

All mangas listed are with a female perspective and about them being pulled into another world due to an accident or by force because of a villain. As you read, you can see how the character adapts into there new life and how...

Published By Yen Pressby Grizz

This is a complete list of every manga and light novel published in English by Yen Press and their Light Novel Imprint Yen On. These are either incomplete, ongoing or fully published in English.

Isekai from the "villain's" perspectiveby LupaLunae

These are manga that take place in isekai/game like worlds but are told from the perspective of what would normally be the villain. Examples of this include, demon king's perspective, dungeon master's perspective, and mob's...

Humans no longer Humanby Grizz

These mangas feature the protagonist transforming, reincarnating or though another medium losing their humanity and becoming something else. (This does not include spoilers, only mangas that include it from the start.)

I reincarnated into a WHAT?!by RoyalOss

There are quite a bunch of 'reïncarnated into another world' stories out there. But the following stories showcase the weirdest reïncarnations. From bathouses, vending machines and a blob of slime.

New Lifeby CindayPop

When a Character's Life does a Flip so much so that they can almost be classified as a new Person

For people who love reincarnation and/or alternate world mangaby desacron

List of strictly manga. Where the main character is either reincarnated into another world with memories of the previous life intact or where he is swept into another world. Sometimes with a purpose, sometimes not, but...

Licensed in Englishby Yakoz

List of completed and ongoing manga and light novels that are licensed in English (it can cover US and UK).

Manga with Game Elementsby LupaLunae

These are manga with game elements that take place in a fantasy world, usually(not always) with a semi-serious tone and comedy elements. I'm open to any suggestions, these are just some of the ones that I've read so I'm sure I...