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Alt title: Runway de Waratte

Smile Down the Runway
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Oct 19, 2019

Before I start, this review was made after reading chapter ninety-seven. 


     Whether I misunderstood the theme or not is up to you. The theme is a lesson you learn from the media presented. What I have learned from Runway de Waratte is as listed:

  • If you love something go for it 
  • Never give up
  • Hard work pays off 
  • Chase after your dreams

STORY:  10/10 

     “You can’t do it.”, “You arent good enough.”, “Just give up.”, “What’s the point of trying if it isn’t good enough.” At one point in our lives everyone has heard this or you’ve told yourself this. This manga will capture your heart at how the heroines, despite going through all odds, manage to go through hurdles. You’ll find yourself crying with them, cheering them on, you’ll find yourself relating to them.

     The author of Runway de Waratte is very knowledgeable when it comes to this type of business, designers and models. I can easily say I have learned so much from this manga and I recommend this piece to any aspiring designer or model, anyone who is losing confidence in their dreams. 

    If you like to listen to music while reading, I listened to Hall of Fame by The Script on repeat while reading because I think it goes well with the story. 

ART:  10/10

     The art is fresh, it’s easy to the eye and there seems to be no sign of same face syndrome in my opinion. Every character is different. I’m biased because I like this type of art while reading. 


     All the characters are different, needless to say that should be the case in most mangas. There are no mary sues. I’ll profile the most interesting characters to me. 

Tsumara Ikuto, Chiyuki Fujito, Tsumara Honoka, and Hasegawa Kokoro 

Could contain spoilers please be wary.

Tsumara Ikuto (lead) : Kind, timid boy with no aura. He wants to be a fashion designer but is too discouraged knowing what it takes to become one. He doesn’t seem like a promising lead at first but as you read on you can see that there’s more that meets the eye. Ikuto is a boy with strong morals, a hard worker, and selfless. His character development is flawless. 

Chiyuki Fujito (lead) : Fujito is the daughter of an influential man in the modeling business and all her life she’s been hearing how she’ll become a wonderful model. All her life she waited until the day she can rock the runway. All her life she’s been turned down and looked down upon. She’s 5’2, she can’t be a model with her height. Even so she refuses to be discouraged. She’s headstrong and believes in herself. Her personality is unique and can come off as annoying at first but she’ll grow on you. Fujito is the most real character in this manga. 

Hasegawa Kokoro (side) : Here comes a modeling prodigy, everyone is terrified at how amazing she is at what she does, everyone but herself. She feels guilty for being so blessed with this talent she doesn’t even want. She wants to become a designer but is held by the shackles of her manager. She’s a lovable character, if I had to assign her an animal it would be a bunny or a mice. 

Tsumara Honoka (side) : I love her design and personality a lot. She isn’t seen a lot but when she is it’s memorable. She’s the little sister of Ikuto. Honoka is a character that speaks the voice of the readers, at least in my opinion. She’s the second most like life character in this manga. She feels frustrated in her current situation and wants her family to be selfish, even though she’s the one trying to be selfless. 

There’s so much more I could write, but this is the gist. I hope you enjoy this manga as much as I did. 

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall