Slightly Sour Secret

Ch: 279+
2017 - ?
4.084 out of 5 from 54 votes
Rank #3,462
Slightly Sour Secret

Have you ever been confused about love? In the end what is "true love" like? Our female lead now is standing at a fork in the road. On one side, her close childhood friend is waiting for her reply. On the other side, there stands her college friend whom she cannot just let go. Where does this love triangle lead to?

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As of the writing of this review, I have read the 140 chapters that are officially available on the WebComics app. Story: I nearly dropped this comic in the beginning because the story seemed very typical and frustratingly contrived with irritating characters that made it hard for me to root for them, but I decided to read further because I had been recommended the series by a friend and I'm really glad I did. In many ways, it is a very typical Love Triangle romantic drama and in other ways, it manages to distinguish itself as unique. The story does a fantastic job of managing its large cast of characters and the web of their romantic (and non-) feelings for each other in a way that doesn't ever leave any character out or cheapened. The drama is relatively simple, but it is engaging and once I found my pace with the webtoon I never felt myself getting bored. The story succeeds in being entertaining and narratively interesting. It isn't particularly unique and follows in the same steps as most romantic stories, but it is sufficiently entertaining and interesting. And any faults in the story are made up of fantastic art and interesting characters. Art: The art is absolutely phenomenal and makes this comic worth reading. The character designs are lovely and aesthetically pleasing, the colors are very vibrant, the environment and world surrounding the characters is rich and full, and the occasional action scene is intense and amazing. The art does a great job of enhancing the story and improving upon it in a multitude of ways that make it more engaging. Characters: The cast of characters start off as very typical, fulfilling their basic trope, but as the webtoon goes on the characters are expanded into interesting ways that make them feel more vibrant and real. I feel like this is particularly true for one of the main characters Irena (or Xiao Ran); I despised her for the first several chapters and found her to be selfish, overly rude and cruel to her childhood best friend, Benedict (or Bei Tai), and just an overall unappealing person that made it difficult for me to care about her romantic endeavors. But as the webtoon goes on she becomes more likable and her less-desirable characteristics and aloofness become grounded in a way that's realistic and challenges the character. She went from being the character that nearly made me drop the comic to the character that kept me reading. It took a while to get there, but I think the journey to understanding her character is well worth it. Alongside the rest of the cast who are all sufficiently interesting and engaging.

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