Sit, Wait, Kiss

Alt title: Sit, Wait, Kiss Me

Ch: 53
2018 - 2019
3.755 out of 5 from 306 votes
Rank #16,519
Sit, Wait, Kiss

Ma Sung Jun does part-time job at animal adoption cafe. One day, after finishing his shift and going home, he finds a lost dog of mysterious species. In usual cases, he likes cats more than dogs, but for some reason he takes the dog home. He calls the dog Tani and leaves his home to get things he needs to take care of Tani. When he comes home he finds Tani is no longer a dog?

Source: MU

Includes 7 extra chapters.

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(Dropped at Chapter 19) Spoilers ahead. Summary: Sung Jun adopts a dog he found on the street. The next day, he finds out that his dog (he named him Tani) has taken a human form. Later on, he finds out that he can see all animals in their human forms. If he kisses Tani, everyone else can see Tani in his human form as well for a period of time, before reverting back to his dog form (from an outsider's POV); only Sung Jun can see Tani as a human regardless Tani gets kissed or not. Overall, it is passable as something lighthearted to read, if you just want to read some nice fluff, this is alright. I can only vouch for the first 19 chapters, but the development between the two characters feels forced and unnatural at times. Plotpoints are usually just told to the reader (Show! Don't tell!!): the only reason we know about kissing thing is just told in one small panel with Sung Jun just asking Tani. Also, Sung Jun doesn't question how Tani can speak English (Well, more like Korean because manhwa) and gets way too careless with Tani; he brings him out to the park, brings him to an outing with his friends, let his sister in the house knowing that his dog can be seen as a dog or a human at any time (this was before he knows about the kissing thing). All of these made reading the manhwa quite jarring and hard to believe. The main plot starts around chapter 9 and picks up around chapter 18-19. Too early to tell but it seems promising. The artstyle is decent, characters are well drawn and pleasing to look at. Tani looks very cute and handsome, I really like his hair. The only reason I read as far as I have to be honest. Characters wise, I really like Tani, he looks so cute and adorable a lot of times. I don't really like Sung Jun based on the dumb decisions he made (really?? bringing Tani out with his friends???). Side characters are alright but forgettable; his sister is a plot device to talk about Sung Jun's childhood character (not saying it's bad or anything). I might pick this up when I have nothing else to read. If you want a similar type of story, Cat in a cardboard Box is better in my opinion.

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