Sister's Sex Education

Ch: 41
2020 - 2021
4.115 out of 5 from 41 votes
Rank #6,855
Sister's Sex Education

Lee Jihoon has always maintained his virginity because of an ulterior secret. In order to let the younger brother break the place early, his step-sister, Lee Jia prepared a special practical teaching... "From today, I will teach you how to tame women."

Source: MU

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If you just looking for s*x then you might like this one way more but since there are some mangas that also have better art and way better story and character development it would be not fair to give it a positive score(noone will read this review anyway).  As you might already guessed i lked those H parts and if i would just give points for this it could be ez pz 8/10 so what i didnt like. Well first is start first couple chapters felt like i already read 4-5 mangas like this one. From the name of this you would thought that its about sister theaching her brother about sex well its not totally wrong she does this for about 2 chapters out of 40 and to me this was first missoportunity that there was. What happend insted was MC went and bang some girls and here comes the second problem and that is that story is insanely rushed especialy second half feels like that. If i was grading it only for first half i would give it 7/10 we had MC who fcked his sister then they fell in love and end. But nope MC goes to revenge her sis the most stupid way. Pick up 2 of his exs friends and fcked them(idk what to think about it and its 1/4 of the whole story). And the last 1/4 of story was totaly unnescesery and that is porblem with characters.  Characters in here are done realy poorly i cant feel with any of them and i dont care what will happen to them in futere they have nearly no backstory. And what is worst is that MC chilehood friend didnt even need to be in the story. For 30 cahpters she was like ghost and at then end she was like hold up i want to Fck MC too. As far as art goes well it feels sometimes like totall noob is puting pires togethere in photoshop. As some characters are  quite nice to look at their faceexpresions can be from time to time of also their poses not realy natural. Same problem is with backround and items that charaters are using for example nagle the way character holds a can is of as when you would hold it in real life the angle of hand and can is different. Charaters that are placed to the shot are not fitting there naturaly. I think if autor takes his/her time he/she can write a realy basic story with interesting twists that will make it not basic. More chapters dedicated to characters and story will make difference.

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