Side Characters Deserve Love Too

Alt title: Eochapi Joyeoninde Narang Sarangina Hae

Ch: 145+
2021 - ?
3.91 out of 5 from 654 votes
Rank #7,006
Side Characters Deserve Love Too

Geumja Kim is the biggest (and only) fan of Kyle du Vilteon, a side character in the fantasy novel King Maker. Her never-ending search for Kyle content is forever changed when she dies while rereading the book… and somehow awakens in Kyle’s bedroom to a new life within the novel’s pages! She is then shocked to learn that Kyle can also hear her thoughts—luckily, only if she thinks of his name. Still, there’s no time for this fangirl to daydream because Kyle is doomed to die. Can she save the apple of her eye... and in the process, become his?

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Starting to question my taste sometimes because I clearly feel different from most of the reviews on this app, but here I am with the spiciest thought I can think to offer: I think this is fun and a good read!  Sometimes, I'm willing to suspend my disbelief just to hear out the author and the story if I feel like it's not too ridiculous with how it's written. The FL in this manhwa was transported into her favorite novel, into the bedroom of her favorite character. The catch is that the ML can hear her thoughts only if she's fervently thinking and simping for him. It's not something she can control either - as long as the thoughts revolve around him and her adoration, he can hear them in his head. With that premise, the story begins.  Some people would say that she's very creepy because of how she acts around the ML. Clearly, this would be counted as sexual harassment right? If the situation was reversed and it was a man thinking about a woman in this way, it would no longer be humorous. I do agree with all of those points! They are all very valid and it makes sense why people couldn't push through with reading this. Personally, I found it passable because of how the novel addresses it. The FL originally didn't believe that she wasn't dreaming and that she was actually in the world she only read about before. Her actions didn't carry the same weight because she didn't know the truth about her situation. It's hard to control your thoughts. This isn't an excuse but an explanation. In the privacy of our heads, our train of thoughts often runs without any input from us and more often than not, we think of things before we can think of why we thought about them.  When the ML informed her about how it made him uncomfortable, she did her best to lessen the severity of her thoughts or to curb them away from the more disturbing or explicit aspects of it. This, to me, implied that she respects the limits that the ML has placed and was willing to accommodate them for his comfort. Those three points helped me see the FL in a better light than our first interaction with her and affirmed that she wasn't a bad person, just someone who is stanning aggressively. These don't excuse her actions however they serve as a starting point on how she can improve her behavior. With that out of the way, I think everything else was good. I like how fun she is when it comes to adapting to life in the novel - she picks up hard labor and is willing to learn what needs to be done without being too picky about it. She cross-dressed as a man to be close to the prince without being dead weight. Her optimistic attitude and her passion for life were fun to read about and added to her charm. Not to mention the art style of the manhwa was drawn well! The world that the author built came to life which each panel and I'm very thankful to the artist for doing such a great job. My favorite part is how expressions were drawn - they definitely knew what they were doing especially when it came to liven up the scene. The humor here is top notch. I think this is still a divisive manga and your enjoyment would largely depend on how well you can suspend your belief and your tolerance level for certain types of humor. Reviewed at Chapter 26.

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