Shuukaku no Juunigatsu - Custom lists

Alt title: Harvest December

Shuukaku no Juunigatsu
  • Adashi Mono
  • Adandai: Youkai Eshi Rokuhana Nishikie
  • 99: Ninetynine
  • 99 Happy Soul
  • 4-koma Youkai Watch: Geragera Manga Gekijou

Wafu Fantasy (Manga) by CaptainSlow

These Fantasy manga have a distinctly classical Japanese aesthetic, often taking place in Japan or Japan-adjacent settings that are steeped in the country's culture, folklore and traditional costume. More Supernatural than your...

  • Alice in the Country of Clover: Ace of Hearts
  • Aiyoku no Eustia: Auld Lang Syne (Light Novel)
  • Aiyoku no Eustia
  • Aiyoku no Eustia (Light Novel)
  • A Clockwork Ley-Line: Unmei no Mawaru Mori (Light Novel)

Manga/Light Novel Adaptations Of Visual Novels Without Anime Adaptations by KeyAndKyoAniLover

As you can probably see, this list is still a work-in-progress. However, I will try my best to gather all anime-less visual novels with manga adaptations here. Oh, and anime-less VN adaptations that are a spin-off of a VN with an...