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Shin is barely making ends meet, hustling as a rogue mechanic on the mean city streets. Problem is, work never comes easy and the dough is nothing to shout about. But when Jake pulls up with car trouble one day, it’s obvious that there’s money to be made: he’s tall, blond and dressed like a million bucks. Jackpot. And after such a handsome payday, Shin is reluctant to let this sucker go. Little does he know that giving Jake his number may be the biggest mistake he’s ever made. And it isn’t long before Jake wants more than his car fixing…

Source: Lezhin

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I've read till chapter 54 and waiting waiting updates and man, this is one good BL I've read after a long ass time. So the story revolves around a street mechanic named Dhin, who is passionate about cars buy is alos someone who rips people off. He's street smart, muscular, tall and handsome!! So one day, Shin decides to rip off this rich looking guy by playing up with his car only to realise he's messed with the wrong person and how their relationship moves forward and how that alone has consequences on both their personal and professional lives.  Now the characters, I'm so glad that this manhwa doesn't have those stereotypical MC and ML. MC, Shin, is the bottom, but he's tall (6ft), really muscular and he quay built, along with handsome, not the fragile looks but that rough kinda handsome. I also love that his face isnt perfect (one eye smaller than the other ). He isn't weak, he's smart, can beat the shit outta people and know how to deal with people and situations.  For Jake, ill say I love his character, tall, play skin, handsome, sexy, along with calm and elegant but deadly when its needed. The side characters are all good too. So, to see two muscular, tall men together, I was really happy! Cause rats uncommon in BL, cause the BOTTOM is usually practically a girl without boobs and has a dick! Not to mention the smut. I was surprised when Jake was ok with Shin using his fingers (ya know what I mean) and also Shin can be dominating and ordering around in bed too!!! Love it!!! As for the art, it's clean clean that's my fav type !!  Overall  a really good BL. I love the story, characters, the dialog ues, the sassiness,  the smut, everything.

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