Shounen no Kyoukai

Alt title: Boys' Boundaries

Vol: 3; Ch: 18
2016 - 2020
3.615 out of 5 from 258 votes
Rank #10,919
Shounen no Kyoukai

Meeting one's fated pair is something many alphas and omegas dream of, but not everyone is guaranteed a happy life with their destined partner. Some never encounter their fated pair at all, others refuse to even acknowledge that such a bond exists; and some, tragically, are unable to be with their soulmate even after they meet them. Childhood friends Kaoru and Yuka already have a strained friendship, and they find their lives spiraling out of control after their secondary genders are revealed. Are they actually a fated pair? What will happen to them if destiny goes horribly wrong?

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This is my favourite Omegaverse yet.  Summary: Shy Kaoru follows adventurous Yuka throughout their childhood. Upon entering middle school, Yuka distances himself from his plain childhood friend. Gender examination occurs and Yuka learns that he is an Omega. Discovering spacial awareness, Yuka avoids arrogant Alpha friend, Taiga. But, Yuka gets trapped by him, however, Kaoru comes to the rescue, then Yuka learns Kaoru is also an Alpha. With rapey dialogue from Yuka's friends, Kaoru "protects" Yuka by raping him and biting the nape of his neck- bonding the two forever. Taiga loses interests and after seeing another Omega in the school, tells his friends that Yuka was special to him, but he'll wait for his fated partner. Years later, Taiga is working a prestigious job and is still single but occasionally has fruitless sex with cute Omega waiter, Rin. One day, the two "couples" cross paths and it becomes clear... Rin and Kaoru belong together, (hinting that Kaoru was only aroused before the rape due to the hormonal influence of Yuka's shitty horny friends.) Rin obsesses over him and goes into heat. He confesses his passionate and undying love towards Kaoru to Yuka in hopes of breaking their bond. Then, while hoping to mate with Kaoru, Rin ends up overdosing on suppressant. As Taiga is tentatively caring for Rin, he finally catches feelings and asks Rin out. And Yuka, who has always seen Kaoru as a childhood friend, begins to consider him as his romantic partner. Rin and Taiga hint at making a baby at the end.Thoughts: You think the story is predictable, but it's not. The trope of nothing breaking a fated pair is like water in a desert, vanished. The cliché side of me didn't want to see couples with such similar personalities (Kaoru + Yuka being innocent and Rin + Taiga being cynical.) Until now, I was unaware that fated pairs could choose to not be together so it's heartwarming to see the perfect happy ending.

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