Shoujo Ningyou

Alt title: Girl Doll

Vol: 1; Ch: 4
3.084 out of 5 from 35 votes
Rank #31,809
Shoujo Ningyou

A girl forces herself not to feel anymore after years of sexual abuse from the master of the house where her father is a chauffeur. But then her father and the master die in a car accident, and she's left to live with the two sons... who both want her.

Source: MU

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This story is actually quite the dark love story. However, it also mangages to have a really sweet ending. It's not your traditional romance that's for sure. It's got some deep psychological elements to it which I enjoy. The main characters have different types of issues in their lives and it shows their growth and changes as the story progresses. It feels like the story is trying to drive home the ideals that Money doesn't mean happiness and that people who are nice on the surface are not always nice underneith.  The art in this story is a style I have seen in multiple other manga. It's not a art style I am particularly fond of. However it does match the tone of this manga quite well. So In that way I could not give it a bad score. The characters in this manga are complicated. All of them. The master of the house used to rape the drivers daughter (the female protagonist) while he was alive except he died in a car accident her father caused a couple days after her father found out about what was happening (he was the master's driver). The girl acts like a doll for a lot of the manga because of her trauma. The older son of the master said she was his property originally (he's a male main character) He had a lot of his own issues and trauma but had always liked the lead female and he knew what his father did. However, he grows a lot in this manga and has a good heart. He seems horrible at the beginning but in reality he is the better one. The younger son was bubbly and sweet for the most part and he also wanted the girl. He pretended he wanted to save her but in reality he just wanted her in the same way his father had her in the past. As part of his property. The 3 main characters grow a lot in different ways. Their personality flaws and how they grow are what make this manga so interesting. Overall, this manga was short and well worth the read for me. I'd probably read it again sometime. I'd suggest it to anyone who likes romance and psychological or traumatic manga. It's not a sweet happy go lucky story all the way through so I wouldn't suggest it to people looking for a bubbly happy teenage romance.  

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