Short Circuit Love

Ch: 17
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Short Circuit Love

Seol Jaeha and Lee Hyun have been best friends since childhood. They do nearly everything together, and despite Jaeha’s unprecedented popularity at school, he only has eyes for Hyun. Enter the new transfer student (and Jaeha’s personal nightmare), Kim Doyoung. Hyun and Doyoung spend more and more time together every day, leaving less time for Jaeha to make his move. What’s worse, Doyoung is icing him out for some unknown reason, all while growing ever closer to Hyun. The two seemingly butt heads at every turn, and Jaeha simply cannot figure out why. The answer is simple: Doyoung sees Jaeha’s coy, flirtatious teasing of Hyun as bullying, and wants to protect his new friend. Their wires crossed, an unending cycle of misunderstandings and misfortunes between the rivals ensues; however, a fateful game of basketball just might spark something electric between them…

Source: Lezhin

Includes 2 side story chapters.

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