Alt title: Zombie Brother

Ch: 502+
2011 - ?
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Protagonist XiaoFei used to be an ordinary guy from H city. After the spring water was contaminated with a virus, however, he unexpectedly encountered an unprecedented crisis. The people living in H City became zombies one by one, devouring each other, and gradually evolving. Can XiaoFei escape from H city and meet up with his girlfriend Wei? The story now begins...

Source: MU

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CristianVlad2013 Feb 9, 2019
Score 1/10

WTF IS THIS SHIT ? How Let The Dogs Shit On The Manga Drawing Bord ?
You See What Came Out? Shixiong, 3rd Worst Manga I Have Ever Seen ! A Failed Attept To Make A Comedi Out Of A Tragic Situation. My Opinion: !!!!!!! DO NOT TRY TO DO IT AGAIN !!!!!!!

I Gave It A Chance, Forced To Finish Chapter 1, Went With Chapter 2 BUT NOOO, Stupid Story, Retarded Humor, HOW THE FUCK TOUGHT THAT IS A GOOD... read more


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