Shiroi Majo - Utsukushiki Sniper

Vol: 2; Ch: 15
2015 - 2016
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Shiroi Majo - Utsukushiki Sniper

In June 1941 Finland launches an attack to reclaim the territories lost to the Soviet Union in what ended up being called the Continuation War.

Source: MU

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mirgu Apr 29, 2019
Score 6/10

i liked the manga itself but the fact that they portrayed Simo as a woman was something i didnt really like myself i mean that in that period of time women in the army was unheard of and the women you would see would be the Lottas. i was exepting something more down to earth(as much as war can get) and to be truly honest the character designs were over the top but thats just me rambling about this maybe the... read more

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