Shinobi Shijuusou

Alt title: Shinobi Quartet

Vol: 8; Ch: 32
- 2017
4.32 of 5 from 192 votes
Rank #919
Shinobi Shijuusou

Chouko Manaka is the next heir to the prestigeous Manaka family. Now she is entering high school and she has had enough with being surrounded by bodyguards, who have prevented her from making any friends. Her father is still worried though, so he makes a deal with her. If she transfers to Mizuno-o high school, where many of the students are also studying to be shinobi and can get one of these people to be her right-hand man by graduation, he'll consider her to be able to make decisions for herself. On the first day of school Chouko meets the son of their butler, who suddenly declares that he wants her to be his master?!

Source: MU

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Tearzah Oct 18, 2017
Score 10/10

I love love this manga I have read it twice the only thing I wish is that it would be completed otherwise it would be a great manga. I literally love how the main character is not a typical shoujo type and how all the characters are unique. Definantly recommend you read this, but as I always say it's my opinion so you might not be into this kind of manga but I do love this one a lot. read more



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