Shin Angyo Onshi

Alt title: Blade of the Phantom Master

Vol: 17; Ch: 76
2001 - 2007
4.108 out of 5 from 615 votes
Rank #1,843
Shin Angyo Onshi

Munsu is an Angyo Onshi - an arbiter for the country of Jushin. Fighting evil is all he knows, but since Jushin has recently collapsed, what is he fighting for? Wandering from place to place, Munsu finds himself battling those who would further destabilize the country, whether they be arms dealers, smugglers, tyrants, or necromancers. Accompanied by a female warrior named Chun Hyang and able to call upon the strength of a ghostly legion with his Angyo Onshi powers, Munsu sets out to help those who are willing to take a step towards helping themselves, and bring justice against all that is evil in the world.

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Story:This manwha is really something else. It takes place in a world with demons and humans and what seems to be a old era in Korea. The main character Munsu is a former General from Jushin (a fictional land) But jushin has fallen because of the death of it’s king, Munsu’s best friend. After his death he desides to become a Angyo onshi. This are secret government agents who were charged by the king to bring justice in his country. His journey leads him to many places and new companions, but his true goal is to find the man who murderd his best friend.The story has a lot of plot twists and turns wich can be confusing in the beginning but while reading everything will fall in to place. Art:The art is truly amizing. There are a lot of small details that will get your attention. Especially the battle pages are very good and detailed. The artist really takes it to both edges. There is a great amount of beauty in this manwha but also a lot of gore and disturbing artwork (I would still say it’s beautiful since it just fits the story, moment, scene. And it’s well drawn) You can read really the mood and setting because of the drawings. Characters:The characters, where to start. First of all there are a lot of them, and you’ll actually get to know quite a few of them. Ofcourse there are characters that deserve more background etc. But I think that the characters that you do get to know have their own history and reasons, and you want to get to know more about them too figure out what their role in the story is. This way the story stays interesting, no uninteresting characters and the secrets and history of the “important” characters. Overal:I was amazed and somehow also shocked by the art, beauty and gore/violence of this manwha. Nevertheless I was hooked after just a few chapters. The story is just a rollercoast of twists and turns. It knows to facinate you and get your intrests by showing you just enough information about the plot to keep you going. What can I say, it’s a mind blowing story with wonderful art!

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