Vol: 1; Ch: 6
2002 - 2003
3.247 out of 5 from 15 votes
Rank #36,163

The sexy demon Mako has been sent from the demon world with an ultimatum mission from her father: bring him the "Supreme Soul," or else! However, getting the "supreme soul" proves to be a lot more problematic than Mako ever imagined as her friends fight back and a group of rival demons show up...

Source: MU

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MEH. That's the only thought crossing my mind right now, after reading Shikotama. I saw it was a short manga, being only 6 chapters, and thus I decided to just give it a try. Unfortunately, this is actually the greatest flaw of this manga: it's way too short, making the story a fast-paced mess even though the premise sounded interesting enough for me. After all, a sexy demon girl who has trouble getting the soul of a human is  kind of cliché, but it also gives the author a lot of freedom to make it a good ecchi-comedy series (which is exactly what it tries to be). Unfortunately, even the comedy failed for the most part, and that would of course be the downfall of any manga that is trying to be a comedy. The only other positive thing I have to say here is that the conclusion was solid. Story: 4/10  As you could expect from a short, messy manga like this, the characters are completely uninteresting. They could've all dropped dead and I wouldn't have cared one bit about it. There was not a single interesting character here, no refreshing ideas, only a holy pile of nothing. The only good thing is that there are no characters that were too annoying.  Characters: 3/10 Artwork is something I always find very hard to rate unless it's extremely bad or good, but I didn't see anything special here, just... average stuff. Which is kind of bad for a manga like this, because lots of ecchi manga tend to rely heavily on the artwork (read: well-drawn fanservice) to get more readers.  Artwork: 5/10 Overall: this could have been an okay manga if it would have had more chapters, but in this form it's a waste of time. 3.8/10

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