Shiawase Sweets to Teddy Bear (Novel)

Vol: 1+
2022 - ?
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Shiawase Sweets to Teddy Bear (Novel)

Akari Seo's graduation from university is quickly approaching, but she's throughly exhausted her options in her job search. On her way back from a business seminar, she ends up getting lost, and decides to sit and rest in front of a café. But then, Shin Ichiki - an employee from the café - invites her inside. The "Tea Salon Leaf & Teddy Bear Workshop ShinHands" café has teddy bears lined up in the show window, but upon entering, the first one to greet her is a life-sized living teddy bear! The teddy bear is the owner of the café, and makes sweets that comfort people, and the teddy bears that Shin creates bring smiles to people's faces. Thus begins the lovely and wondrous story of Akari, a tea café and a teddy bear...

Source: Hifumi Shobo

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