SHI-NO (Light Novel)

Vol: 10; Ch: 28
2006 - 2009
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SHI-NO (Light Novel)

"Excuse me..." Without even knocking the door, Hasekura Shino enters my apartment as if she takes it for granted. Shino is only a fifth grade elementary school student. As a first year university student, I am also Shino's childhood friend. Despite hating green peas, she is a well-behaved, trouble-free child. That being said, there is a part of her that worries me. She is interested in novelty and abnormal events. I'd rather see Shino behaving self-willingly, my only wish is to see her become an ordinary elementary school student. However without taking my worries into account, she tries to solve the dangerous mysteries all by herself. The beginning of a pure love mystery tale!

Source: Fujimi Shobo

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