Shi ni Kita to Omottara - Custom lists

Alt title: Just When I Thought I Came Here to Die

Shi ni Kita to Omottara
  • Bishounen Club no Himitsu
  • Azarashi no Takeda-kun
  • Asari to Ore
  • Aiko no Maa-chan
  • Aiko no Ma-chan 2nd Grade

Weird-Ass Shit From Japan by AnnaSartin

A list of bizarre manga ideas that somebody in Japan apparently thought the world just HAD to read...

  • A Sea of Conflicts
  • Asa to Micha
  • A Near-Death Experience Is a Cry for Love
  • Amai Jouken
  • Ai wo Ataeru Kemono-tachi

Yaoi Boys Who Need Some Cuddles by AnnaSartin

The main characters in these BL are having a rough time when the story begins. They may be living in poverty, be sick or injured, are suffering from a trauma or recent tragedy, or are living in fear from being abused or harassed...