Vol: 3+; Ch: 19+
2012 - ?
3.917 out of 5 from 77 votes
Rank #4,426

In present-day London, Scotland Yard is baffled by deaths and crimes that seem to be unsolvable. Luckily for the populace, the brash yet brilliant Sherlock Holmes is never far from the action, able to solve the toughest case with ease, no matter the foe or the danger that follows. Alongside war veteran and friend John Watson, Sherlock will investigate mysterious suicides, sinister calling cards and more in his quest to crack every case.

A manga adaptation of the BBC Sherlock TV series.

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SakoChan's avatar
SakoChan Sep 1, 2014
Score 9/10

It is exactly as it claims to be. "A manga adaptation of the BBC series". Nothing changed, same lines, same characters, same story. Great for Sherlock fans but a disappointment if you expect something new, this is just the series in manga form. The characters are even very well drawn after the actors. read more

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goldflower Jan 2, 2014
Score 5/10

As a fan of the BBC show, this manga is disappointing. Was hoping for new stories, either original or  other Conan Doyle adaptations. This is literally word-for-word the show, the script pasted over pictures. Might be an interesting read for anyone who hasn't seen the TV series, otherwise just skip it. read more



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