Shanliang de Sishen

Alt titles: Ah Dai is a Yes-Man, The Kind Death God

Ch: 121+
2012 - ?
4.251 out of 5 from 432 votes
Rank #4,429
Shanliang de Sishen

Ah Dai is a very kind and soft-hearted kid. His favourite thing is steamed bun and his favourite girl is Ya Tou. But steamed buns are always in shortage and Ya Tou left him, never coming back. "What is wrong and what is right", even someone as silly as Ah Dai sometimes asks this question, especially when he forced by a gangster to pickpocket others on the street. One day, he got a money bag full of amethyst coins from a passerby, and the coins started to talk and shine with mysterious light. "Do you want to go with me?" That rather strange handsome passerby asked him. "Can I have steamed buns everyday." "Yes, you can." And our Ah Dai joined this mysterious magician to start his fantasy cultivation journey...and eat steamed buns everyday...

Source: MangaToon

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