Shadow Star Narutaru

Alt title: Narutaru

Vol: 12; Ch: 68
1998 - 2003
3.904 out of 5 from 308 votes
Rank #4,702
Shadow Star Narutaru

Shiina is a sixth-grade tomboy whose brave and adventurous nature almost causes her to drown in the ocean. However, from the experience she meets a ‘Shadow Dragon' that she names Hoshimaru; strangely silent and star-shaped, it has the ability to shape shift and fly. Soon, Shiina makes yet another new friend: a troubled girl named Akira who happens to also acquire a Shadow Dragon. Yet Shiina and Akira aren't alone - others besides them have Shadow Dragons, and not all of them have such innocent intentions. Furthermore, the Japanese Military has taken an interest in the creatures' combative uses. What are the Shadow Dragons, where did they come from and what is their ulterior motive? Shiina is determined to find out...

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fishoom Aug 13, 2011
Score 6.2/10

Target Audience: Older teens and above (due to nudity, sexuality and violence). Is geared more towards a male audience, despite the protagonist being a young girl.

Story: I found the first few tankoubon intriguing but then my interest dwindled. There are short bursts of great plot development throughout the whole series, followed by long, boring scenes. At some points I was thinking of dropping the manga... read more

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Shadow Star Narutaru
  • TV (13 eps)
  • 2003

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