Sgt. Frog

Alt title: Keroro Gunsou

Vol: 32+; Ch: 326+
1999 - ?
4.15 out of 5 from 305 votes
Rank #6,974
Sgt. Frog

In the year 1999, planet Earth found itself under attack by aliens... or it did in the dreams of paranormal enthusiast Fuyuki Hinata, at least. But when his fierce-tempered older sister Natsumi jokingly pointed at the wall and said 'Look! It's a real, live alien!' little did she know that Sgt. Keroro of Planet Keron's invasion force had selected that exact spot as a hiding place! With his cover now blown, the Sgt. is forced into doing chores for the Hinata household, while he attempts to re-establish communications with the rest of his platoon and devise plans for world domination!

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