Sexless Friend

Vol: 2; Ch: 14
2011 - 2013
3.222 out of 5 from 274 votes
Rank #36,098
Sexless Friend

With his handsome face, incredible body, and gentlemanly ways, 18-year-old university freshman Tsukasa Suo is the hottest guy around! Although by all appearances he lives a charmed life as the local babe-magnet, due to certain circumstances, he has had absolutely zero experience with women! Wanting desperately to stop being such an innocent as soon as possible, he teams up with the equally inexperienced new professor, Mikoto Himenomiya, so they can "study" how to overcome their nervousness in the presence of the opposite sex. The main goal of these study sessions is for Suo to finally be able to woo the woman of his dreams, his classmate Megumu Kisaki... so why does he find himself getting closer and closer to his young professor instead?! 

Source: Project H

Content Warning

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So can I just say one thing here, ‘Oh god the triangle of romance.’ This manga seriously had twists and turns that made the little fan girl in me swoon a bit in that it is about two people who seem to be fighting to not be seen as homosexual all because of the feelings they had for people of the same gender. I know, confusing right? Well that was what I felt trying to piece it all together. Basic idea, Tsukasa liked a guy he was somewhat rivals with; his teacher had a crush on her upper classmen though both say it’s not in that way. Now they both have a person of the opposite gender that they want to be with, though because of past experiences, they are scared. So what is the normal response to get over the phobia with someone that has the same phobia? Let’s do it together and act as a couple! Ya… it made very little sense for me too. The two of them get together to try and combat each other’s ‘phobia’s’ but seriously, it’s a rather cliché idea for a story, one you would probably figure out the ending to. And hence the name ‘Sexless Friend’ comes into play in the story because they want to make sure that it’s without sex. Of course, since it is an Ecchi, we have a whole manner of images pertaining to sex even if they aren’t doing it for real. You know; nude images that go through the perverted mind of a guy. And because of how the relationship is kept secret, we have the problem of people misunderstanding what is going on outside the relationship. I want to say it’s a lot like Please Teacher in that respect. Hell, it’s like a lot of shows and manga that have that same sort of story line. Although I do have to laugh at the comedy, it does get a little to predictable that I wish they did something else. Now on the other side of the spectrum, the ending was a bit surprising and was not that predictable. The ending made me laugh at how I thought it was going to end up because you wouldn’t be able to figure it out without reading it. It was short but I feel just right as they didn’t let the jokes become old and stale. They kept feeling slightly refreshing to read even though you knew what was going to happen in each scenario except the ending. The artwork is rather good looking except the fact that the mail character doesn’t seem to look like he would be the most popular boy. I don’t see what’s so great about him that all the girls have themselves going gaga and calling him prince. He looks like an average guy compared to the rest of the guys in the show. His personality doesn’t seem to stand out; he’s just a nice guy. So why is he so popular? The shading with the pantones and lines are really nice, everything is super detailed in that aspect down to the slightest little detail but I have to wonder if it really needed that much work. It’s wonder, I can’t stop that, but some of the tiny detail didn’t need to be shaded to the max. I won’t faultier it though as I like when they put time into the artwork. The design for their teacher is pretty much like a child who makes me wonder why people are so into manga with a character that looks like a loli child as a teacher rather then an adult. <input id="mac_address" type="hidden" value="">

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