Sex, Lies and a Security Tape

Alt title: Last Scene wa Atsuku

Vol: 1
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Sex, Lies and a Security Tape

Tempest is the only daughter of billionaires. Even though she's trying to work as a serious actress, she's treated as a C-lister, and reported to be involved in scandal after high-society scandal. If only someone would see her for who she really is someday. Tempest takes countless private lessons to prepare for a coveted movie audition…but the director of that movie just happens to be her ex-boyfriend Colin. Three years ago, he believed a story the media was spreading about Tempest and dumped her. So she can forget about that audition, because even now Colin stares at her with hate-filled eyes. She just can't take it anymore! She decides to make him acknowledge her…no matter what it takes!

Source: Harlequin

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