Sex Lessons

Ch: 49
2018 - 2020
3.999 out of 5 from 109 votes
Rank #9,973
Sex Lessons

Woohyun is, for lack of a better word, normal. He’s not rich, looks sorta regular, and isn't overly smart. Add that all up and you’ve got a guy who women look at and go, “Meh.” But somehow, he’s scored the hottest girl on campus, Moon Ina. Long blonde hair, legs that go on forever and… let’s just say that when she walks by, men feel the unexpected need to cover their pelvis. Unfortunately, all of Woohyun’s sexual experiences with women have been of the digital or imaginary variety. So when his childhood friend, Ha-eun, shows up and offers him free lessons, he… totally shuts her down. Because, honestly, how hard could it be?

Source: Lezhin

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