Seven Days

Vol: 2; Ch: 13
2007 - 2009
4.121 out of 5 from 2,623 votes
Rank #1,563
Seven Days

High school freshman Touji Seryou is infamous in his school for dating a long string of girls who are drawn to his good looks and gentle personality. Each Monday he agrees to date the first person who asks him out... but only for one week. Although Touji treats everyone he dates with kindness and respect, at the end of the seventh day he inevitably breaks things off, saying "I just couldn’t fall in love with you." One Monday his classmate and fellow archery club member Yuzuru Shino asks him out on a whim, and though Touji has never dated a guy before, he decides to give Yuzuru a chance. Will Yuzuru become Touji's latest ex, or is seven days long enough to fall in love?

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I  reread this around a week ago, forgive me if my memory is hazy. The first time I read this I probably would've given it a solid 10 ish. It was a sweet, refreshing book. Most bls have repetitive stories and rushed relationships (including having sex after a week of meeting each other). The concept is interesting; I've only seen it used one other time in a bl. (and I've read more than quite a bit...) Surprisingly, the love interest isn't a playboy despite dating so many women. He clearly sets boundaries and did not like when he felt that mc was treating them dating as a joke. Ml stayed loyal to all his girlfriends. (Technically. But emotionally... not so much.) I would argue that the relationship is rushed, yet in a way it has to be like that. (One week limit and all) I'm not one for rushed romances, but I found myself enjoying this manga a lot. They start out barely knowing who the other is. They had a very platonic relationship at the start despite dating. It's sweet, yet felt just a bit too fast. It was nice how they got to know each other better and develop feelings for each other. Despite my rough critism (spoiler section) I adored this story. If you want a sweet high school romance that doesn't take ages to develop, this is for you! SPOILER . . . The sister-in-law thing was never fully elaborated on, which left me a bit curious, but we got all the information about her that we needed to advance the plot forward. I love how the mc called ml out on his actions and we also got some depth to the ml's motivation and just made him interestinger. I have a problem with that though. He was his almost sister-in-law's lover? The story just brushed past that as if it was nothing. I believe that his brother was cheating on the sister-in-law, so it wasn't completely out of the cruelty of their hearts, yet that doesn't excuse it for the sister-in-law nor the ml. Ml nor sister-in-law received any repercussions, and I believe that mc doesn't even know that they had an affair? That was more than a little weird. (Just popped into my head; How big is their age gap?) Both the characters were just average high schoolers. The ml was the most interesting out of the two. Mc was just a hot guy with a sort of borderline dislike for (dating) girls who happened to accidentally date another hot guy and fell in love. He still managed to be a likeale character, because of his personality.  Ml however actually had a solid reason for dating multiple people and never treated them like shit. He was a decent person, never cheated on his partners (yet betrayed his brother....) However the fact that he did something wrong and is trying to get over her adds to his growth. (Even though he could've blocked her? Or maybe told his brother? She's still getting married to his brother and isn't portrayed as a good nor bad character??)

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