Sensual Phrase

Alt title: Kaikan Phrase

Vol: 18; Ch: 82
1997 - 2000
3.935 out of 5 from 612 votes
Rank #5,194
Sensual Phrase

As a budding poet and lyricist, Aine is on her way to an audition one fateful afternoon. Absentmindedly stepping into the street, she barely avoids getting struck by an oncoming vehicle. Not only is the cute teenager lucky to be alive, but her brush with death turns out to be a date with destiny. The driver of the car just happens to be Sakuya, the charismatic and fabulously handsome lead singer for a band called Lucifer. In short order, Sakuya and his crew compose a song using Aine's lyrics. The tune proves popular with the band's fans and Sakuya decides he wants a relationship, both professional and personal, with Aine. There's only one small requirement: The lyrics Aine writes must be erotically charged. And guess what? Sakuya fully intends to introduce the young and inexperienced girl into the world of sensual delights. Does Sakuya actually care for Aine, or is she just another sexual conquest for him? Will Aine fulfill her dreams and become a professional lyricist, or has she simply sold her soul to Lucifer?

Source: Viz

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Kaikan Phrase was one of the most polarizing manga's I have ever read.. (the anime was an absolute disaster) The story Kaikan Phrase provides is unique in the sense that this is not your typical run of the mill Romance. It's not your typical rockstar falling in love with a girl and they have a happily ever after, kaikan phrase goes in depth it shows the struggles Aine goes through while being in love with Sakuya. From the first time they start dating all the way to the point where she was raped, it shows the bond being formed between Aine and Sakuya all the while giving detail to the life they're living and what is around them. If I'm being honest I love the art in kaikan phrase there are times where I look at Aine and say omg she looks sooooo cute right now and just stay on that page for a few seconds. The art can be better (and once again the anime's art was just pathetic and disgusting) but even though I say it can be improved I did very much like the styling of the characters. If there was an option for 100/10 on the characters I would choose just that, each and every character was developed very nicely throughout the series even by using the side stories. We were able to learn each important and even some minor characters backrounds and stories and what each character means going forward. Kaikan Phrase perfectly was able to capture and develop characters. Overall the story was amazing (do not watch the anime it is horrible) and is absolutley worth reading, kaikan phrase is one of my top 5 favorite mangas all time and I've read many many manga that I consider to be really good, so take a flyer on kaikan phrase it is defiently worth the read.

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