Selector Infected WIXOSS: Peeping Analyze

Vol: 2; Ch: 11
2014 - 2015
3.821 out of 5 from 22 votes
Rank #11,098
Selector Infected WIXOSS: Peeping Analyze

WIXOSS (short for "Wish Across") is a popular trading card game in which players battle against each other with fighters known as LRIGs, using cards to support them. Ruko Kominato, who receives a WIXOSS deck from her brother, discovers that her LRIG, which she names Tama, can speak. She soon learns that she has been chosen as a 'Selector', girls who must battle against other Selectors. Should they be victorious in battle, they will be able to have any wish granted, but should they lose three times to other Selectors, they will lose that chance and lose all memory of the game.

Source: MU

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