Seishun Debugger to Koisuru Mousou #Kakusan-chuu (Light Novel)

Vol: 1
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Seishun Debugger to Koisuru Mousou #Kakusan-chuu (Light Novel)

What was drawn in augmented reality is your scar (bug) -a funny and painful, Akiba youth pattern. Ayumu, who is a secondary moe supreme principle, came across by chance in Akiba Tokku, a bad classmate at the top of the school caste, Amata. Why is she, who usually looks down on nerds, crazy about such a gorigori moe AR game? No way this guy. However, when Ayumu approached Amata, a serious incident occurred in the AR (Augmented Reality) space that filled the special zone. It was caused by a certain trouble of Amata who kept lying as a hidden otaku. Ayumu who became her counselor (a little troublesome). Then, Ruri, a hungry black kid, Noel, a blonde cosplay girl, and even the part-time job friends of the Ota shop surrounding Ayumu, one after another, caused an incident in Akihabara ...? With a secret that I don't want anyone to know, sometimes hurt, sometimes hurt. Our slightly distorted nerdy youth begins.

Source: Kadokawa

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