Vol: 10; Ch: 52
1993 - 1999
3.099 out of 5 from 73 votes
Rank #14,298

How far will one man go for love? Find out in SEIMADEN, the tale of Laures, who agreed to become a demon in order to free his one true love Alice from a demon king! Laures became the next Demon King, and Alice was freed — with death. Laures, however, realized that his new inhuman status gave him a rare opportunity: by being the cruelest and best Demon King, he survived long enough to see Alice reincarnated, and then he would effectively be reunited with her. Laures, after living through the centuries, has finally found his beloved reincarnated as Hilda, a dancer who has no memories of her own past or identity. Now he must see if she will accept him as a creature of the underworld…

Source: CMX

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Oh, gosh. Okay-- so, should you read this manga? Yes, yes you should-- even if it has quite a dated feel. First, some context. In a time before BL was at all easy to access in North America, a friend and I had come across some images that completely won our hearts: they were images of a hot demon guy who had a hot angel guy tied up and half-naked. Stuff like this was very rare at the time and the images were so beautiful, we very badly wanted to see more of the story; sadly, at the time the manga from which these images came was not available in English. There was a version in German, and I ended up trying to translate it to English based on my poor knowledge of German from high school. Nowadays you can get it in English, and of course it's Seimaden-- and of course nowadays there are countless BL mangas out there to choose from of many different genres, truly a golden age in that sense, haha. But even so, I still think that Seimaden is very worthwhile for the hot demon/angel BL bits, even if they're technically a side plot. Also, technicaly the angel is not an actual angel, but rather a demon who looks like an angel-- but it's still just as good. Just read this manga, there are parts that are truly romantic and some sexy m/m images that are very nice to look at; I don't think there's outright full frontal nudity, but there's certainly nudity and definite m/m kissing/licking/etc, in addidtion to very suggestive m/m scenes. And the whole sexy-tied-up-male-angel is just so good as an idea in general, don't pass this up just because it's an older manga, haha! :D

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