See You Again (Ppallet)

Ch: 75
2017 - 2018
3.707 out of 5 from 201 votes
Rank #9,507
See You Again (Ppallet)

Shiwoo always used to say, “Yujin, you’re my favorite person in the whole wide world.” And Shiwoo always believed he was truly special to Yujin. After all, Shiwoo never really liked all those girls he dated, anyway. But when Yujin finally confesses his love, he finds himself rejected and alone... Years later, Shiwoo is a celebrity. The hard-to-manage celebrity gets a new manager that seems so familiar... her name is even Yujin... It takes but one night of too many drinks for Shiwoo to discover she isn’t really what she seems.

Source: Lezhin

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When I first looked at the cover and read the description, I thought it will be a light, fluffy read. I couldn't be more wrong.  The main characters both had their hardships. They stayed away for eight years n it was hard for yujin but shiwoo had been through hell in those years.  I like the storyline how it's first zooms in on the main characters meeting and getting close then the entry of an ex and ultimately the main characters reuniting.  Shiwoo blamed himself for all the stuff that goes wrong. What he did did trigger sunwoo n he became violent. But Noone continue to do that unless it's their very nature. Sunwoo had a natural penchant for violence. He would have done it it not when he got provoked by shiwoo then maybe years later. Shiwoo doesn't realise that or more of he was so gone into it that he thought everything was his fault. It was truly  heartbreaking to see.  The author has shown the deep routed personality of a person who has been so accustomed to violence that he finds pleasure on that now even though he is scared. It happens with people who starts loving their kidnappers who are violent with them. Talk about a type of Stockholm syndrome.  I was angry at yujin when he said he didn't like shiwoo anymore like u were the one saying u will like him anyway n what happened to that talk. I loved it when shiwoo's friend had given him a good earful. But then at later stage I got to know that he only said it because he was hurt n he didn't mean it. It gave me a sense of relief.  Apart from that, I have never seen a top shorter so it was a first for me. It was hard to digest. I thought I won't like it as I have this deep seated liking for muscular n tall n handsome men *hehe*. But surprisingly, yujin made up for it with how strong n cute he is.  I will quit my babbling now. Or it will go on n on Overall,  it was a good read though I'm not a fan of the art.  Thank you, author!  PS: the author n my favourite scenes from the manga are same even though it's not with yujin. Sorry yujin!  And I cut 0.5 for the too many unnecessary long Sex scenes. I know it's a smut but still.. I would hv liked more script. 

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