Seductive Uniform

Ch: 38
2016 - 2017
3.395 out of 5 from 129 votes
Rank #14,281
Seductive Uniform

Uniforms that tempt you and make you fantasize. Can you withstand the allure of uniforms?

Source: MU

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Story (7/10) - An adult manhwa that focuses on various alluring uniforms you'd encounter in your daily life. You know the drill. It's a repetitive adult manhwa so every chapters are filled with explicit scenes with the same concept at the end, sex.  After a couple of chapters, the uniform will change e.g. from policewoman to stewardess, and so on. It gets repetitive, the only differences between each chapters are the environtment and uniform, thus, the name of the manhwa. Art (8/10) - A good artwork from the author, you might encounter the same style used for different women encountered in the series but overall, the character is well drawn so it lingers in your mind for a while. Fully Censored just like the other Manhwas tho. Characters (8/10) - As I mentioned earlier, the same style/base is often used for several characters. However, the author's ability to draw fascinating uniforms, style of hairs, and body features make it all different. Thus, the 8 point for Art. Well, there will be many characters involved in this Manhwa because it talks about uniforms. How many uniforms are there in this world?  Overall (8/10) - Overall, the art, the characters and those seductive uniforms beat the story even if it's repetitive. A good reading for those who like to release their stress, it is a light reading and is filled with more actions :D Sadly, since it's a Manhwa, meaning it's Korean and need to be translated, raws for this series is hard to find and (up to the point I write this review) I haven't pass chapter 21 since I can't find the following chapters in English & with the current translator stopped translating. Too bad T^T

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