Secret Island

Ch: 24
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Secret Island

A shipwreck, a mysterious island discovered by accident... It’s a fairyland with only women, and all beautiful women!!

Source: MU

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They make sure to include a gratuitous sex scene in the first chapter, so it's abundantly clear that this manga is primarily about sex. Male Character A is in a ship wreck and washes ashore on a vagina-shaped island. From that point, the story kinda just jumps around from one stupid sexual encounter to another, all the while trying to create a sense of intrigue about the island. But Lost, this is not. I don't want to spoil the story, so I'll just say that this manga should probably include the tag "Drug Use." It misrepresents BDSM in its portrayal of it. First of all, it implies that everybody can be neatly split into being either an S or an M, which isn't accurate since not everybody is interested in that type of sexual play regardless of role. It also portrays it as involving a lack of consent, which is unfair. I'm sure there are horrible people in the BDSM crowd who disregard consent just as there are everywhere, but many people in that crowd recognize the danger of unchecked dominance play and are all the more vigilant of making sure they are respecting exactly what their partner wants before even beginning to play. And the fact that they had the dominatrix be the character who disregarded consent the most just made it feel like the author has misunderstandings about the nature of BDSM. And speaking of the author not properly understanding things, there's a scene where they decide to push a fish out of a woman's vagina by having the liquid from her squirting flood it out. There's a few problems with this scenario, but the only one worth mentioning is that the liquid from women squirting comes out of the urethra, not the vagina. So it doesn't make sense that the liquid would push the fish out. The art includes bad use of fading and blurring to try to create a sense of motion alongside what I assume are images pasted from other sites and mediocre portrayals of people and sex. All around, it was not compelling or beautiful artwork.

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