Secondo Piatto

Ch: 75+
2020 - ?
4.092 out of 5 from 37 votes
Rank #8,082
Secondo Piatto

Tae Hyun-wook is the young team leader in charge of the Violent Crimes Unit, after graduating from the National Police University. He believed that someday he’d marry Heesun, his female friend for whom he bears a long-time one-sided love. “Hyun-wook, I’m getting married.” At the announcement of Heesun’s marriage, Hyun-wook tries hard to look calm and congratulate her. Besides, to help her prepare for the wedding, he even stupidly meets her in a restaurant called ‘Secondo Piatto’ in an attempt to put on a prideful act… Seo Wonyoung is the owner and chef there. He’s an old friend of Minseok, Heesun’s soon-to-be husband. But the detective’s intuition tells him that there’s something odd in the way Wonyoung looks at Minseok…? He's proven right on the wedding day, when he sees Wonyoung on his knees crying out for Minseok in the empty restaurant…!

Source: MU

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