Searching for My Father

Alt titles: Appaman Chajeuryeo Haenneunde, I Only Came to Find My Dad

Ch: 73+
2021 - ?
3.608 out of 5 from 465 votes
Rank #20,831
Searching for My Father

The cruel chains of destiny threaten to condemn Louise to a life of slavery. Benjamin, an evil man obsessed with her mother even after her tragic death, takes Louise into his custody, intent on marrying her. Louise tries to escape this horrid fate and awakens eight years in the past. She’s set on making things right but is unable to stop tragedy once again. Determined to not give up, Louise embarks on a journey to find her father. What discoveries await her in this fight for freedom? Will her father be the key to her happiness... or her demise?

Source: Tapas

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I'm a sucker for daddy-daughter manhwas, and I thought that the whole premise sounded interesting. After bearing through 21 chapters, I couldn't take it anymore and dropped it.  The whole entire beginning I was wondering why the father wasn't a part of her and her mother's life. It was a whole mystery to me, and I kept reading through the chapters, waiting to see why he left. Was it because he was in a war? Was he imprisoned? Just what was it? And when I finally read what had happened to him, without spoiling it, I was dumbfounded. You can just tell that the author made up a half-assed reason as to why he wasn't there. Her explanation created so many plot holes, and it made it so hard for me to continue reading. I couldn't immerse myself in the story and couldn't connect with the characters, because I just couldn't get over the fact that the reason why he wasn't there was half-assed by the author. It was a shame because in the beginning, I had grown fond of the MC. She's gone through so much, and she's so adorable. I was rooting for her to find her father, to also see her get the love and happiness she deserved, to finally understand why, for so many years, her father wasn't a part of her life. All of that build up went down the drain because nothing made sense anymore. The following chapters were the author pushing father-daughter interactions, and they were hard to take in because I couldn't get over the plot holes that were so blaringly obvious.

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