Scum Villain's Self-Saving System (Novel)

Alt title: Ren Zha Fan Pai Zi Jiu Xi Tong (Novel)

Ch: 81
2014 - 2015
4.254 out of 5 from 128 votes
Rank #1,791
Scum Villain's Self-Saving System (Novel)

Shen Yuan is reborn as a handsome young cultivator, Shen Qingqiu - the mentor of Luo Binghe, the overpowered main character. Unfortunately, Shen Qingqiu is actually a scum villain destined to die at his disciple's hands! But... why do all the female lead's scenes feature him instead!? Since he's a scum villain, why does he keep getting wrapped up in the main character's plot and sacrificing himself for him!? He wants to prove that even scum villains can live, and be cool while they're at it!

Source: MU

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Before you read it: strikethrough on spoilers; originally review was posted on NU on my another account - lin lang man mu. I don't know why I all the time walked away from this novel, but after I read it I understood I was so unwise. Really, the story is very interesting and the plot is so exciting! Maybe it is because it was the first novel with an accidental traveler I read in my life, but still. Just look at this cuteness Shen Qingqiu. So understandable character with natural temper. If anyone will be on his place he will be acting the same way. We have the big brute boy and what should we do? Of course, we will satisfy him to get his forgiveness for things we didn't do but stuck in this villain's body, so... You got it. Anyways the first impression was like: omg, it is such a fun story, I madly adore it! But no longer than some chapters. But what I like most of all in the plot is that even in difficult situations there are added some fun and even romance! It makes reading very enjoyable and your mood, if it bad, will grow up. I think it is very important. For example in The Mausoleum's Halls of Sorrow when it was dangerous and they ran from those blind creations they lay down in a coffin, you remember what happened then? If yes it is better than great. Because it was the first physical contact +1000 points! So I really adore it and read again sometimes, this novel worthy nine stars! And sometimes I hear that people say that this is the first work and because of this it is not good, but I disagree. When the writer can describe all emotions and feelings that you feel it as your own it makes the story very incredible. And no matter is it first or tenth. with all my love! bye-bye!

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