Scrapped Princess

Vol: 3; Ch: 16
2002 - 2004
3.33 out of 5 from 74 votes
Rank #33,090
Scrapped Princess

The god Mauser delivered unto a world of magic a prophecy: if the Scrapped Princess is allowed to live, she will destroy the entire world. But the knight who was to kill her could not end the life of a newborn child, and so she lived. Fifteen years later, her adopted brother and sister have sworn to protect her, and together they travel from town to town, searching for a life she can't have.

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What happens when the world is against you and all that you have left is your brother and sister? That is somewhat the main story plot to this manga as it was in the anime. Although they have some things that are very similar to each version, the manga seems to have something a little different that I didn’t quite like. I’m not sure exactly what it is, it’s just a type of feeling you get when a story you like has been changed. It’s not really that bad but different. I think part of the reason was because of the fact the artist was trying to write the manga from a novel instead of something in his head so the characters feel slightly lacking. I am not sure how the anime had more soul to it when the manga felt bland but I like the anime more. We meet a lot of different characters who seem to not of been put into the anime for some reason including a Wolverine reject from X-men. Some of the stories that the characters give seem to be the same rehashing of losing a brother or sister, losing family members and so on. I guess this was a good thing to have something that the characters could connect to but sadly, it also feels like they reused the story. Sometimes they would talk about what happens a couple years into the future but I do have to ask why they talked about that in the second book if Pacifica was supposed to end the world? Wouldn’t that mean that nothing happened? I guess it would lead you to wonder weather she died or something but again, it just feels like it was a bit strangely put. If you were thinking that this story was going to be exactly like the Anime, this is where you would be fully wrong. In fact, it doesn’t even have a ending so to speak. It feels like just small bits of the whole story where they meet this person and that person. Every story arc had them meeting someone (most of the time someone who wanted to kill Pacifica), them attacking, they get away, a break in action when the person after them tells their story, and then the attack once again for a natural ending. It was bland and pretty standard. We didn’t get much of the background story, no amazing fighting with dragoons like in the anime (not sure if that was in the novel or not), and no real underlining story except for the idea of protecting ones family no matter what. The artwork is beautiful but pretty typical. Sometimes I had a hard time figuring out who the characters were because of how black some of the lines where and the eyes seemed slightly dead a lot. <input id="mac_address" type="hidden" value="">

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